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All About Medical Kits

The medical kits provided by NASA during the space program have been used on every space mission and many medical facilities throughout the world, especially in disaster areas, have adapted these supplies to their own medical needs. Space medicine advancements borrowing lessons learned from past space missions, not only from past space missions but also from similarly terrestrial environments. These medical supplies include all-important medical devices such as life-saving plasma TVs, blood banks, and sterilization procedures. The greatest results of these medical advances have been the medical kits which have safely flown through space on every human mission. Even the Russian cosmonaut was able to use one of these medical kits during his mission to the moon.

Medical Emergency Kits

With an increasing dependence upon space medicine for medical emergency situations as well as longer stays in space, NASA and other space agencies are working very hard to develop better medical kits to keep astronauts healthy. They’re also trying to come up with emergency supplies which can be kept aboard any manned spacecraft. For example, if an astronaut were to suffer a medical emergency in orbit or on the ground, emergency supplies would include life-saving intravenous fluids, glucose bars, and powdered drinking water. Some emergency supplies also included equipment which has been on the space station and elsewhere in the universe since the beginning of space exploration.

Medical kits developed for use by astronauts and for use on the ground are still being fine tuned and tested. As we learn more about the medical properties of space exploration, the better equipped we are to deal with emergency medical situations. Medical kits developed for use by astronauts also will have a great deal to do with this eventuality. It will be interesting to see the results of these medical kits on a flight to Mars or another planet.

It is important to note that medical kits are used for a variety of reasons. In daily use, they may include test materials and procedure materials, such as COVID-19 testing materials for sale.

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