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Puritan Swabs

Kitting is used to fulfill orders that require the assembly of any number of items to be packaged into a ready-to-ship package, or kit. From there, completed kits can either be temporarily stored or sent out on exact and precise schedules. The big idea when it comes to medical kitting is efficiency.

Medical Kitting

Think of it like a doctor’s office. You spend most of your time with nurses and assistants, only seeing the doctor for diagnosis and treatment recommendations. This ensures that the more valuable time of the doctor can be best utilized to help as many people as possible, rather than them wasting time doing things that nurses may do that the doctors may not be as good at.

Essentially anything that you want can be kitted, within reason. The content all depends on your ultimate objective for the kits. We generally work with DNA & RNA testing kits, but as you can tell from out products list, we can include nearly anything you may want in our kits. We can also include any special instructions in the kits that you may want, just to ensure proper usage and success.

Personalized Med Kits

When medical device kits need to be distributed, it becomes more cost effective to have them pre-built in batches. Pre-assembling kits like this offers a number of advantages over waiting to pick and pack the components as individual orders arrive. You go ahead and gather all the supplies you’ll need and package them all together. The more kits produced at one time, the lower the assembly time will be for each kit. This is because the large production of kits offers a more streamlined approach, and decreases the number of starts and stops, rather than producing kits as they’re needed to ship out.

When kitting in large quantities, all the components of the kit can be positioned in close proximity to each other to simplify the gathering and assembly process, as opposed to locating and retrieving the components of kits that are prepared separately as orders come in. It is also much easier and faster to prepare a pre-assembled and/or pre-packed kit for shipment. We also offer custom printing services for all of your kits as well as puritan swabs for sale. We can brand them specially for you so people know what they’re getting is the real deal. We can even print you manuals, business cards, forms, anything you may need from us!